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If you are considering purchasing a residential property built after 1900 then you may wish to include a Homebuyers Report report as part of your purchase due diligence. This is the most popular type of report and is designed for conventional properties in a reasonable state of repair. There are two levels of report that Chesterton Smart can offer, each have different depths of information and guidance within depending on which you choose. 

TIP: Properties that are newly built or are under a current NHBC warranty may only need  a RICS Condition Report (Level 1).

This is the most basic of the RICS Survey Suite that is offered by Chesterton Smart. 

The Leicester Condition Report will provide you with an account of the Property’s Condition on the day of survey carried out by our RICS accredited surveyor.

The survey will provide you with a basic overview but be aware that advice and a valuation are not included in this survey type.

Chesterton Smart would suggest that the Building Survey is used when purchasing buildings over 80 years old or with possible structural or material damage.  The report will offer you an in depth explanation of any defects and will suggest any available remedies.

This type of report will include as much additional information as possible to ensure that you are obtaining best value and are fully informed.

This Building Survey (Level 3) is the most in depth  and comprehensive report Chesterton Smart provide compared to the the RICS Condition Report (Level 1) and the RICS Homebuyer Report (Level 2), as detailed above.

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