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Our RICS services include independent valuations for a number of scenarios as detailed below. 

Matrimonial Valuations

We are experienced and sensitive in providing  RICS market valuations which can be used as part of  matrimonial proceedings to enable separating parties to assess how joint property assets/their value could be valued and apportioned.

Valuations can be carried out for either party or we can be instructed by both parties jointly and we will then providing an impartial valuation of the property/properties using our experience, judgment and market research. In addition we are able to help the parties in court if that is necessary. This can sometimes be required when looking to agree an equitable and fair settlement concerning matrimonial assets.

A matrimonial valuation will provide an accurate open market property value which will comply with the guidelines as detailed in the current RICS version of the Red Book.


We will be pleased to discuss any aspect of a matrimonial valuation and answer any questions you may have.

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Capital Gains Tax Valuation

The current position whereby any gains made from an investment property sale is the subject of Capital Gains Tax has been in force since 1982 with a few amendments made during that time. Payment of Capital Gains Tax is due on any increase in value minus allowable costs such as fees for professional advice, Stamp Duty, improvement costs or costs to establish the market value.

For residential property it may be 18% or 28% and is not applied to the total sale price of the property. The amount of tax is dependent on various factors which includes income and whether the property is held as an individual or joint names. Note that Capital Gains Tax is due on residential and commercial properties. 

We are experienced in being able to provide an accurate report to the required standard for you to submit either to your accountant or alternatively direct to HMRC.  This is of help where an individual or entity is being charged much higher or lower tax rates than required. 


It is important to consider the condition and status of the property at that date of inspection. If you have already sold the property then we undertake a desktop analysis to establish the value at a specific point in time.

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Help to Buy Valuation

If  you find yourself in the position where you are able to repay your Help to Buy loan then one of the stipulations will be a requirement for you to commission a Help to Buy compliant valuation to comply with Target HCA requirements.


A RICS valuation will give an independent assessment of the current market value of the property on which the loan is held. The government administrator necessitates that the homeowner provides a valuation report from a RICS registered valuer. That valuation will then be used to calculate the amount that will need to be repaid.

It is required that the valuation in the report must be based on at least three comparable properties. There will also be an internal inspection of the property necessary.


We provide your Help To Buy Valuation Report within five working days.  The Help To Buy Valuation Report is valid for three from the date the inspection took place.

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